Yarok Feed Your Curls Styling Crème, 8 oz.

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Yarok Feed Your Curls Styling Crème, 8 oz. Description

Vitamin-infused aloe Vera gel (anti-inflammatory, alkalizes hair/scalp for ideal ph. level, promotes hair growth, treats dandruff, facilitates penetration of moisture), argon oil (high in vitamin a, e, antioxidants, high in fatty acids which help moisturize scalp/hair, wards off free radicals, restores glossiness, repairs split ends, soothes dry skin), organic oils of: Jojoba (promotes hair growth, treats dandruff, improves shine/thickness, strengthens hair), grapeseed (stimulates healthy hair growth), apricot (antioxidants, vitamins a and e), coconut (antioxidants ward off free radicals, vitamin e strengthens skin tissue and hair follicles) meadow foam (long-chain fatty acids moisturize and fight free radicals), olive (moisturizing agent for scaly scalp, antifungal), hemp seed (protein-rich, antioxidants, balances moisture, helps heal, deeply moisturizes/penetrates) and evening primrose (essential fatty acids nourish and heal scalp), organic herbal extracts of: Rosemary (increases circulation improving growth), burdock (treats dandruff), horsetail (high silica content promotes wound healing), sage (increases circulation stimulating scalp and hair growth, rich in calcium, potassium and vitamins a, b and c, controls oil, strengthens hair), oregano (antifungal with thymol and carvacol, vitamins a and c), thyme (deodorizing, fresh scent that calms, thymol is effective, antiseptic, antibiotic), lavender (aromatherapy relaxant, sleep aid, headache reliever, treats skin irritations, bug repellant), peppermint (refreshing, cooling, anti-irritant), goldenseal (antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, rich in minerals and vitamins a, c, e, b-complex) and cinnamon (anti-fungal, antibiotic properties), palm kernel extract (deep conditioner, high fat content moisturizes and protects hair), natural plant sourced vitamins e (nourishes, helps repair brittle hair/split ends).

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