Ergo Ionic and Ceramic Brush , er43ci , 2 1/4

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Ergo Ionic and Ceramic Brush , er43ci , 2 1/4 Description

YOU’LL SEE THE DIFFERENCE! Ionic brushes feature heat-resistant nylon bristles.The heat-resistant nylon fiber bristles on all brushes are infused with a tourmaline crystal complex which creates negative ions to penetrate and condition the hair. The ions are released when tension and heat are applied helping to maintain healthy hair and repair cuticle damage. When the cuticle is closed, hair color resists fading from UVA/UVB rays.The round brushes feature the longest barrels in the industry (about 1” longer) to allow for larger sections of hair to be used.A greater distance between the ferrule (the solid portion closest to the handle) and our seamless handle design helps prevent any hair from catching around the handle. UNDERSTANDING THE IONIC BRUSHES: Ionic technology refers to the creation of negative ions, which are measurable atomic particles. The ionic technology within the brushes is created through the presence of tourmaline, a semi-precious crystal. Even when not heated, tourmaline emits low levels of negative ions. When heated, tourmaline generates a slightly higher level of negative ions.For ionic technology to be effective, the tourmaline must be in direct contact with the hair. Passive ionic technology is seen in the brushes where the tourmaline crystal is crushed and made part of the nylon fiber bristles.Brushes emit negative ions. Hair is charged with positive ions. When the heat of a blow dryer is applied to hair using any brush, it creates an “acidic” effect to the hair. This means that the negative ions are attracted to the “positive” charges of the cuticle of the hair. It compacts, closes down, and constricts the outer cuticle of the hair strand, reducing the diameter of the hair shaft. This tighter cuticle structure helps prevent hair color fading from UVA/UVB rays.Using EGO brushes result in instantly sleeker, stronger, shinier hair.

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